PVC Heat Stabilizer

Our product range includes a wide range of Calcium Zinc Stabilizer, PVC One Pack Stabilizer and Lead Stabilizer.

Calcium Zinc Stabilizer

Calcium Zinc Stabilizer
The Company's latest introduction is a group of Heavy Metal Free Stabilizer Lubricants System (Ca/Zn based Stabilizer or Organic Based Stabilizer) for Pipes, Profiles, Cable, Footwear and Medical applications. In 2005, a dedicated plant with state of the art technology has been set up in India to produce Calcium Zinc Stabilizers of International Quality Standard.

Pvc One Pack Stabilizers

PVC One Pack Stabilizer
PVC One Pack Stabilizer, is produced from high quality raw materials to give very good thermo-stability and adjusted lubrication for extrusion of PVC pipes. This is available in the following specifications

Product Type Physical Appearance Metal Content Lubrications Application
Ops 2000 Lead complex Powder 40-42% Moderate Rigid PVC Pipes, Profiles, Conduits, Pipe Fittings.
Ops 2020 Lead complex Powder 52-54% 52-54% Rigid PVC Pipes, Profiles, Conduits, Pipe Fittings.
Ops 3000 Lead complex Flakes 25-28% Excellent Rigid PVC Pipes, Profiles, Conduits, Pipe Fittings.
Ops 3030 Lead complex Flakes 36-38% Excellent Rigid PVC Pipes, Profiles, Conduits, Pipe Fittings.
Ops 4000 Lead complex Powder 50-52% Moderate Wires & Cables
Ops 4040 Lead complex Powder 60-62% Low Wires & Cables
Ops fil40 Metal complex Powder Proprietary Moderate Shoe Compound
Ops 7170 Metal complex Powder Proprietary Moderate Specialty Compound
Ops 5150 Metal complex Powder Proprietary Moderate Translucent Compound
Ops 5050 Metal complex Powder Proprietary Moderate Non Toxic Application

Lead Stabilizers

Lead Stabilizer
Lead Stabilizers are classified as Inorganic Lead compound. Lead based compounds have been used in various products to stabilize rigid PVC in construction industry. Lead Stabilizer has high heat stability, processing fluidity & lubricating ability. Lead Stabilizer is stored in dry, ventilating and low temperature environment place and must be away from moisture & fire. Lead Stabilizers are mostly used as PVC Stabilizers, and this is particularly used for electrical power cable applications.

This is available in the following specifications:

Product Name Appearance PbO Content Melting Point C Specific Gravity Applications
TBLS Tri Basic Lead Sulphate White Powder 88-90% - 6.2-6.8 Heat Stabilizer for rigid & Flexible e.g. Pipes, conduits, Profiles, Fittings, Tubing, Suction Hoses, Wire & Cables.
LS Lead Stcarate White Powder 30-32% 105-110 1.38-1.42 An excellent lubricant for PVC processing with moderate stabilizing power for Pipes, conduits. Profiles, Pipe Fittings, Tubing, Suction Flosses, Wire & Cables.
DBLS Di Basic Lead Stcarate White Powder 52-54% - 1.07-1.11 A high temperature lubricant with good stabilizing action for rigid & semi-rigid, opaque & translucent products eg. Pipes, Profiles, Sheets, Cables, Films
CS Calcium Slearate White Powder CaO 9-10% 150-160 1.03-1.06 Excellent multi functional lubricant and mould release agent for rigid and flexible vinyl with stabilizing action.
DBL Phthalatc Di Basic Lead Phthalate White Powder 80-82% - 4.35-4.45 High temperature & high speed processing of PVC Compounds requiring good electrical insulation & retention of Medical Properties on heat ageing -e.g. Insulations, cable compounds.
DBL Phos Di Basic Lead Phosphite White Powder 88-90% - 6.2-6.9 Heat Stabilizer for Rigid & Plasticized Compounds requiring high processing temperatures & outdoor weather ability.
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